LaserLife Benefit Compilation

hey! we put up an online benefit compilation with songs from ASTPAI, Rentokilll, the Static Age, SOEY,the Living Daylights and many more. name your price and download it. all proceeds from this compilation will be donated to Kindernothilfe Austria for a street children project in honduras.

1. This Is A Standoff – We’re Really Doing It
2. The Living Daylights – Sights And Sounds
3. Astpai – Blindly Trusting Habits (unreleased)
4. BHF – G184
5. One Win Choice – Holy Fuck (unreleased)
6. Attack!Vipers! – Burn My Bones
7. Escarres – My Drown Summer
8. Rentokill – Agenda
9. Antillectual – Buyer’s Remors
10. The Arteries – Kings Of Shit
11. The Static Age – Come Swimming (unreleased Alternate Edit)
12. Ritual – White Caskets
13. La Prospettiva – Vuoto
14. Bridges Left Burning – Horus Of Disapproval
15. Tentaculos – Vampyrotheuthis Infernalis
16. Radio Havanna – Der Weg
17. Atlas Losing Grip – All In A Days Work
18. Soey – Concept Lives

100% of proceeds from this Compilation will be donated to Kindernothilfe Austria. They will use it for a street children project in Honduras.

You can download the Compilation for € 1,- or more if you’re feeling generous. If you don’t have PayPal or a credit card you can download the Compilation for free here In this case it would be nice if you donate an amount of your choice directly to Kindernothilfe Austria.

Bank details:
Kindernothilfe Austria
Vienna, Austria
IBAN: AT142011131002803031
„Benefit Compilation“

They will use the money for the above mentioned street children project in Honduras. Basic schooling and vocational training make up the main part of the daily work. As well as that, members of the staff help the children to work through their experiences, the injuries they suffered and the broken links with their families. For more information about the organisation and the project visit: (german only) (english version)

Thanks to all bands and labels which gave us their songs for free and supported us in any other way. We couldn’t be happier to be doing our bit to support such a worthwhile cause and we’d love it if you could help us do so.

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